Security Clearance Defense Lawyers

Government Security Clearance Representation

Applying for a government security clearance is an extremely important matter for anyone interested in a government service position for which a clearance is required. The security clearance process should be taken seriously and addressed with great care. The initial application and renewal processes are critical since failing to obtain or maintain a security clearance inevitably will lead to the loss of one's government job.

The security clearance process includes an exhaustive and thorough background investigation into your personal life, including sensitive matters such as your financial and mental health histories. Almost anything is fair game for purposes of the security clearance investigation, including any record of criminal offenses (including minor traffic offenses), psychological counseling and your personal debt (including credit card debt). Further, just because you have been granted a clearance does not guarantee you?ll have it for the remainder of your career. First, each person with a clearance is subject to periodic reviews (most often once every five years). Moreover, a security clearance can be taken away at anytime due to numerous factors that call into question your ability to work in a sensitive position. Examples include defaulting on your mortgage payments, accruing debt beyond your means or providing a false or misleading answer on your application.

Our attorneys offer assistance from the very beginning of the security clearance application process through clearance adjudication. Our attorneys have vast experience with the governmental agencies that are responsible for investigating and adjudicating clearances of all types. If you are a current or prospective government employee (military or civilian) or an employee of a company that contracts with the government, regardless of the level of clearance or access concerned, our attorneys can assist you with the all-important clearance process.

Two of our firm's attorneys either currently hold or have held U.S. government clearances. Consequently, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to advise you having personally gone through the process. Moreover, two of our attorneys have served as officers in the U.S. military and have worked with both national and international clients on secret and confidential government contract matters, several of which have involved personnel security issues.